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Test Driving zsh

I have finally decided to give zsh a thorough review. I’ve been hearing about it for a couple years in and around tech user group meetings, technical conferences and from people I follow on Twitter. I guess the proverbial “straw that…” got me to take a hard look was when I moved from Cygwin to Babun (which you should do right now). This was how I expressed my opinion of Babun on Twitter. I obviously am liking it. 😉

Anyhow, this is a post about Zsh, and I have some questions I’m hoping the Zsh users out there can help clear up.

  1. I’m assuming everyone is using Oh-My-Zsh?
  2. While using Oh-My-Zsh, because I’m also using it while test-driving zsh, where do I make edits to shell defaults? I would assume I can just make edits to .zshrc? I’d like to add stuff like (set -o vi, alias vi=vim, etc.). Nothing to advanced, just some minor edits I need before I can even get comfortable with the shell.
  3. Since I just mentioned an alias, where is the idiomatic place to add my personal aliases? I saw a handful added in the .zshrc as examples, I normally source a personal alias file from my .bashrc, is that common with zsh?
  4. Most of my questions come from when I change/customize something in .oh-my-zsh/ over the zsh config files? I’m struggling with when I add to a oh-my-zsh theme over creating my own, or just making the changes in .zshrc

Thanks in advance for any help…


Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!


Dropped Linux…

My experiment of running Linux on my laptop is over. I hate moving away from Linux, but it simply is not an option for me. I tried to fight past the glaring problems, but I’m no longer able to fight it. What pushed me over the edge, was the past 3 weeks I spent using a “loner” laptop, while mine was in the shop. Everything I wanted worked, without any radical install, download, configuring on my part.

Originally, my list of problems with Ubuntu Linux was long. I worked through the majority of them. The hardest was getting dual monitors working. The joke is that with Win XP I simply plug the 2nd monitor in and it works. Crazy! No excuse for it being so hard to configure in Linux.

Anyhow my 3 roadblocks that moved me off Ubuntu (for the time being):
1. Lack of a recent Flash player. How long has Flash 7 been around? Flash 9 is out now and I’m finding a ton of sites that won’t work with Flash 7 ( is the biggie)
2. iTunes. I need access to iTunes. I’ve got two iPods that I need to sync between a standalone music library that I keep on a separate harddrive. It’s a NTFS drive that Ubuntu doesn’t want to write to. Plus, the last few weeks I’ve been using my Nike+ and I assume it will force me to use iTunes and not some alternate iPod application.
3. I am unalbe to listen to streaming radio from the two sites I use daily ( and I have no idea why this doesn’t work. It is not related to a sound problem with my hardware because I’ll play and listen to audio CDs just fine. It is most likely related to a Flash player problem.


Learn To Program…

I just finished reading my first Ruby book. Please, no booing or hissing. I’ve avoided Ruby for long enough. It’s time I learn enough about the language to make an educated decision on if I want to use it or not. Up until now I just ignored it because the hype was deafening.

Anyhow, the book Learn To Program is great! It’s geared to a person that has never programed. And I thought that that would be a neat perspective to get when learning something new to me, vastly different then my bread-n-butter language, Java. The book was short, entertaining, and informative. I feel it provided enough info that I could actually get busy with Ruby. However, I’ll be ordering the PickAxe book tomorrow (definitely buying it from Nerdbooks).

A couple observations on Ruby.

1. It seems so odd, not having to declare instance vars before using them in methods.

2. How could there be an IDE for Ruby, that provides as much as Eclipse does for Java, with all the flexibility and simplicity that the Ruby lang provides a developer.

3. Do Ruby developers really use Procs?


MP3 or AAC…

I go back and forth on this dang question for a number of reasons.

1. Audio quality
2. File size
3. Player compatibility

I’m back to asking the question because I just installed iTunes 7 and I need to set my perfs. AAC or MP3? I’ve been using AAC, but since I’ve been running Ubuntu I really should probably move to MP3. The problem is I’m out of space on my 30 GB iPod and switching to MP3 will use more space per song to keep the same bit rate.

What to do? Opinions please.


Nice Hack for Moving Between Linux and Windows…

I had the entertaining pleasure of my laptop becoming worthless this week and was stuck with a company loner while mine is in the shop. What to do, what to do? Luckily, I was able to get everything I needed off my hd before dropping it off for service. Still, even with my data, I was sure I was gonna be worthless with the temp laptop. BECAUSE… The temp is a Win XP machine and I was running Ubuntu on my laptop.

The cool thing is that after installing Cygwin and the Window’s version of Eclipse I was back in business. And the best part was that for the most part all my env vars I had setup in my .bashrc on my Ubuntu box worked on my Win XP box under Cygwin.

The key was that I install the vast majority of my stuff in $HOME/de. On the WinXP box I installed everything in c:\dev. The only thing I had to do to get all my env vars working I had setup in my .bashrc was create a dev symbolic link in $HOME that pointed to c:\dev. BAM! That was it. I didn’t have to add any Window’s Environment variables. None! I was sure there would be some hacking needed there.

Obviously, the key to the hack was installing everything in the same dev dir on both machines.


Want to Move From MovableType to WordPress

I really want to move this blog from MovableType to WordPress. My main reason is I’m stuck on MT 2.661 because I don’t want to shell out the money to upgrade. I believe 2.66 was the last free version of MT. Not that the pay versions aren’t good or even worth the money.

I just have been using WordPress on new projects and really like it. The features, usability, and price can’t be beat. Coupling that with my host, DreamHost, and their one-click installer, and installing and using WordPress is cake.

So why haven’t I moved? The main reason is that I don’t think WordPress can support my current urls. Making the move would break hundreds of links from inside my blog (I could fix) and links from sites I have no control of. Plus, Google would all but forget about me when everything changes locations.

Why this post? I’m hoping some WordPress guru out there will have something I couldn’t find myself while scouring Google. HELP…


HUGE Problem with Linux…

So I’m still adjusting to life as a full-time linux user. I’m still unable to get my dual monitors working, which is garbage, considering that when I ran Win XP I simply plugged the monitor in and was “in business”.

BUT, worse then that, Adobe only offers Flash 7 for linux. WTF!!! Windows users can run Flash 9. Why is Adobe two versions behind on Linux???

The reason this kills me is I’m a big sports fan. And what is the number one destination for sports fans? Well, doesn’t work with Flash 7 so the page looks like crap. This is what I’m missing (screenshot of with Flash 8). And that was just the main page. ESPN uses Flash “stuff” on dang near every page on their site.

When will we (linux users) get a new version of Flash???


My Palm Pilot is Dying, What to do???

My trusty, old-faithful palm pilot is dying a slow death. It’s battery will barely hold/take a charge. It’s a beautiful Palm m515. I got it the day it came out and have been happy enough with it that I haven’t replaced it. It’s probably my oldest piece of hardware that I still use daily. Yeah, I’ve got some old PCs in a corner, but I don’t use them.

Anyhow, the question is, should I get a new PDA? I’ve got so many small gadgets that go in my backpack (palm pilot, iPod, cell phone, Nintendo DS, laptop) it would be nice to eliminate one.

I was kind of thinking about getting all my contact info online into GMail and Google Calendar which would eliminate the “organizer” need of my Palm. Now I play a lot of games on it, but I can easily make the DS my sole game playing platform. I guess I need to find out how to get my contacts and calendar info off the palm and into GMail/Google Calendar.