2012 NCAA Tourney Picks… Family Style

Well, it’s one of my favorite times of the year… March Madness. I’m on a 20+ year streak of sitting on my couch for the Thursday Tourney Tip-off. If you are a past high-school or college teacher…. I’m sorry, I wasn’t sick. If you are a past boss…. I’m sorry, I wasn’t sick…… However, if you are my current boss…. I *am* home sick with a terrible stomach bug. You don’t want to catch this. 😉 Just kidding… I’ve actually taken the day off and am enjoying the action.

So this is the first year I’ve included my boys in the fun of filling out brackets. I took the time to explain the four regions, and how they are like four mini-tournaments. We talked about how all won-loss records aren’t equal, as some teams play in easier conferences. And we talked about each teams seed, and how normally the higher seed wins. You would think with that “crash course” in bracketology the boys would have filled in their brackets in a logical way. Nope…  🙂 Here is what the they went with.

Zachary (1st grader)

Elite Eight:

Kentucky vs Baylor, Michigan St vs Murray St

Syracuse vs Florida St, Michigan vs Purdue

Final Four:

Kentucky vs Murray St and Syracuse vs Purdue


Kentucky beating Purdue

Noah (3rd grader)

Elite Eight:

Kentucky vs Baylor, Louisville vs Missouri

Vanderbilt vs Ohio St, North Carolina vs Georgetown

Final Four:

Kentucky vs Missouri and Ohio State vs North Carolina


Ohio State beating Kentucky

And for my picks I’ll start with the final 16….

Sweet 16:

Kentucky vs UI, Baylor vs Duke

Michigan St vs Louisville, Marquette vs Missouri

Syracuse vs Vanderbilt, Florida St vs Ohio St

North Carolina vs Michigan, Georgetown vs Kansas

Elite Eight:

Kentucky vs Baylor, Louisville vs Missouri

Vanderbilt vs Ohio St, North Carolina vs Kansas

Final Four:

Kentucky vs Missouri and Ohio St vs North Carolina


Kentucky beating UNC

Of the three of us, who do you think made the best picks?


2008 NCAA Tourney Predicitions…

Here are my 2008 NCAA Tourney predictions…

Elite 8:

  • North Carolina vs Tennessee
  • Kansas vs Wisconsin
  • Memphis vs Texas
  • UCLA vs Duke

Final Four:

  • North Carolina vs Kansas
  • Texas vs UCLA


  • Texas vs Kansas

NCAA 2008 Champion: tu

Yeah, it pains me to pick Texas to win, but they are damn good.  I thought they were gonna win the Big 12 Tourney, and I definitely see them beating Kansas in a final rematch.

As for the Fighting Texas Aggies….  I have them beating BYU, and then barely losing to UCLA.