No Cuil in Cuil…

Cuil still can’t find themselves…  The Cuil search engine launched today and numerous people are pointing out that when you google cuil in the cuil search engine (did you like how I used the term google when talking about searching on cuil?  yeah, it was a bad joke.  sorry.) you don’t find anything about the cuil search engine!.!.  Yeah, it is a WTH moment.  You’d think they’d index themselves and allow for google searches on cuil (yeah I tried the same joke twice in one post.  sorry) to pull up their own site.

Note to Cuil… Please try harder to be Cool.


Cuil Sucks…

So I saw the article on about cuil.  I read the article and said, Hmm… lets take a look.  The first annoying thing is that they are using the word, cuil, for their search engine.  The word means nothing to me.  I don’t know how to spell it, OR pronounce it.  So the people from cuil say to pronounce it as “cool.”  Thanks for the tip, but let me tell you, now you just chopped off a crap-load of potential customers.  If you are gonna make-up a word for your business, you should have it sound like it spells.  In this case people will not be able to guess the url after hearing people talk about the site.

Now that I’m done ranting about the name of the company/site, let me get to the actual site, itself.  Searching with cuil is miserably painful.  The speed at which it returns results almost makes the site unusable.  I’m literally able to type this post as fast cuil serves results.

Yes, this has been harsh and negative, but if you are competing against Google the bar is high and cuil doesn’t come anywhere near the bar.  I’ll try them again a few more times before being done with them, but I’m not expecting much.


Cuil is down.  They have this very generic page up trying to kindly apologize for them not being able to do capacity planning.

Cuil is down