Dallas TechFest 2009 Recap…

After close to 6 months of planning, Dallas TechFest 2009 is… “in the books.”  Planning and running an all-day tech conference with 40 presentations, 400+ (ok 401) attendees, X great sponsors, and Java and .NET developers is *totally* exhausting.  I took Saturday off to relax and now I’m back on my laptop writing this review.

First, let me say, that it wasn’t just Java and .NET.  That was just a joke because it’s always those two languages pitted against each other.  Dallas TechFest was 8 technology tracks: Java, .NET, Flex, ColdFustion, Ruby, and Silverlight, and in those tracks other technologies were mixed in.  Our great speakers present at user groups and conferences all over the country, they’ve also authored a number of books.

Anyhow, thanks to everyone that helped out.  Tim Rayburn did an awesome job heading things up, and Chris Koenig was the guy that kept things moving when we were being lazy and blowing off responsibilities, and Omar Villarreal did great with sponsors.  I was especially happy to see the returning sponsors.  And lastly, I gotta thank Jonathan Campos for all his work, that was a great after party.  I look forward to helping out again next year, given the chance.

Here are some relevant links covering the event: