Eclipse Hates SVN…

Yup, I said it…  Eclipse hates SVN.  The way I see it, Eclipse treats Subversion like a red-headed stepchild.  How long has Subversion been around now?  Years and years, since 2000 to be exact.  Yeah, it’s been around for 8 years.  And Eclipse still only does a half-ass job of supporting subverion.  The Eclipse Foundation choose Subversive as their svn client/plugin of choice back in Nov 2007.  Yet, to get Subversive up and running in Eclipse is a matter of pain and suffering.

Eclipse just released their yearly version, this year they’re calling it Ganymede, and it was supposed to kind of have svn/Subversive support….  but heck no.  Good luck getting it working.  The documentation/instructions suck at best, being fair, the instuctions are crap.

Oh, I’m so close to giving NetBeans a serious look.