Eclipse Europa… Too Many Choices…

I was happy to see that Europa was released on-time this morning. However, I was very disappointed to see the confusing download page.

Here are your Java/JEE choices:

  • Eclipse IDE for Java Developers – 79 MB
  • Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers – 123 MB
  • Eclipse Classic – 140 MB

So, I’m ok with there being a Java version and a JEE version considering all Java development isn’t in the JEE world, as some people think. But what makes me crazy is there being an Eclipse “Classic” version. WTF?!?

If Eclipse Classic wasn’t tailored to Java developers I might buy the need for it. The thing is… the Classic version IS for Java developers. So they have an Eclipse IDE for Java Developers and an Eclipse Classic which is for Java developers. How the people in the eclipse org don’t think this will confuse people is a question I’d like answered.

What’s funny is if you look at the Java IDE “info” page you will see them describe it as an IDE for Java developers, with a nice set of features for Java developers, an XML Editor, and the Mylyn plugin. Then you look at what they say about the Classic version. It’s a superior Java editing IDE as well as a platform for building RCP apps. This last point is what really makes me crazy! What I left off my list above is that there is also a pre-built version of Eclipse 3.3 for doing RCP development.

SO WHY THE FRIGGIN’ CLASSIC VERSION? I see it only confusing people and slowing the adoption of Eclipse.

Sorry for this rant. I must have had too much coffee this morning.