I Just Beat Guitar Hero 3…

I feel like a Guitar Legend….  That was tough…

Here are some of my opinions on the music…

Favorite Song: My name is Jonas

Hardest Song: Raining Blood

Best Surprise: She Bangs the Drums

I gotta say I had a blast playing GH3, but after playing Rock Band at a friend’s house a couple weeks ago…  I’m selling my GH3 and buying Rock Band as soon as it comes out for the Wii.


I just bought a Nintendo Wii

Yup, I just bought a Nintendo Wii! I also bought the Wii Play (so I could get a 2nd controller, and for my first game purchase I bought Guitar Hero 3. Other then having to run TechFest on Saturday, this weekend will be consumed by the Wii. I think I’ll impose some rule where Daddy plays twice, then Noah, then Zach, then Mommy, then Daddy again twice. 🙂

Anybody want to recommend any games or accessories? I’m pretty certain my next purchase will be MarioKart, but after that I’m looking for suggestions.