Optimize the iPhone 3G Battery Life…

I’m excited to say I’m heading to Las Vegas this weekend for time with friends, gambling, and lots of free drinks.  My problem is I have an iPhone 3G so it’s battery will be dead within 6 hours of landing and I won’t be communicate with my friends.  The point of this post is me looking for some tips on improving battery life.

With the goal of maximum battery life and no need for anything but phone/text support here is my plan.

  1. Disable 3G support
  2. Disable bluetooth
  3. Disable wifi
  4. Turn the screen brightness to it’s lowest setting.

Am I missing anything?  Should I just turn the phone off, completely, and only power on when I want to make a call or check for messages?

Please provide tips/tricks that you have found to improve battery life.  Thanks…


Post from WP iPhone App

I’m testing out the new WP iPhone App. It’s pretty cool. I guess this is one of the first writing/publishing apps for the iPhone. I’ll definitely need to work on my iPhone keyboarding skills before I start using this on a regular basis.


iPhone Applications…

So I’ve spent some time getting to know and love my iPhone.  This post isn’t a review, I’m just looking for some advice.  I’m not planning on “unlocking” my phone.  That said, I’m looking for a ToDo app.  I was a longtime user of the Palm pdas and they had a great todo app.  I haven’t found something that comes pre-installed.  So I’m guessing I have to either find something that is web-based via Safari, or I’ll need to bend the built-in calendar app.

Any recommendations?

What about apps other then todo apps?  Any recommendations?


I Bought an iPhone!

Over Christmas, Santa followed me from house to house giving me some money here and there.  I rolled it up, tossed in a bit of my own, and ended up having enough to get the phone.  I’ve been pondering it since Christmas.  I was finally sold, after the Steve Jobs keynote where he talked about the new GPS type feature.

So I’ve only had about 5 hours to play with the iPhone but I can already say that I’m in love.  Best gadget I’ve ever played with.  It’s truly awesome!  I’ll give more details on what I love, really like, like, and dig later.

Noah, my 5 year old, had an interesting reason for liking my iPhone.  He said, “Daddy, I like it because it has an Apple on it.”  I probably shouldn’t capitalize Apple because Noah is more of a fan of apples (the fruit), but either way, he thought my phone with an Apple on it was cool.

This isn’t a review, and I do love the phone, but I have one thing that has me fairly mad.  Why the HECK does the iPhone have a non-standard headphone jack???  WTH???  I just got a brand new pair of Shure headphones and they don’t work.  You’re telling me I gotta use the crappy Apple earbuds?  No way.  I’m sure I’ll Google and find some sort of a jack connector that solves the problem…  but really….  why the different jack?  🙁


iPhone Users…

I’m considering buying an iPhone.  To those of you out there that have one….  are you happy with it?  What do you like about it?  What do you dislike?  Do you use a case with your iPhone or do you just stick it in your pocket (supposedly the thing can’t be scratched)?

Most importantly, is there a reason to wait on buying one?