I need a tagging strategy…

Now that I have my WordPress blog up-to-date, and now that I have a template that supports tags, it’s time to go back and tag all my posts.  The problem is that I’m not sure what the “best practice” is for tagging posts.  Here are some of my questions:

  • How many tags per post?  I’m guess there is no magic number.
  • Does every post need a tag?
  • Do I still need categories if I’m using tags?
  • What about capitalization with tags?
  • What about tags that are two words, like “Aggie basketball” or “movie review”?

The most pressing questions I have are related to tags that have words that should be capitalizied and tags that have more then one word.  First the capitalization question…  And combining it with my two word question, how would you handle a name?  Take my name, would you add two tags, one for Erik and one for Weibust?  Would you capitalize them?

And more on the two word tags…  Would you tag Erik Weibust as the two word tag, Erik Weibust, and then add a tag for Erik, and a tag for Weibust?

Why the heck am I using tags?  Please, somebody tell me…


Testing WordPress Tags…

I have recently, last Friday, updated my blog.  I’m trying to utilize the tagging features that have been recently added to WordPress.  For some reason the tags aren’t showing up in my theme.  WTF?