Winning the MPG Challenge

Roughly two months ago I started paying attention to my driving habits.  Which is good on many levels.  For one, I wasn’t the kindest, most courteous driver on the road.  I didn’t like slow people getting in my way and slowing me down.  More importantly, I drive a big 4×4 truck, with a horrible, gas-guzzling V8 engine.

So what is the MPG Challenge?  Well…  it’s a fun, exciting driving game.  One which you drive slow, and deliberate.  Very much like an old grandparent, putt-putting along.  The beauty of this game is you save all kinds of cash because your fuel efficiency gets better and better.  When I started the game my truck was getting a dismal 14.9 mpg.  Now two months later I’m getting some serious high scores.  Currently my MPG readout on the dash has me getting…


18 MPG

Yeah your read it right.  I’m now getting EIGHTTEEN MILES PER GALLON in my big, fat, heavy, 4×4 truck.  And I’m not really trying that hard.  Just think if I tried…  could I get 20 mpg?  I’d be rich!

Has anybody else out there changed their driving habits?  What do you drive?  What kind of MPG are you now getting?