Rock Band on the Wii… Review

Here are my initial observations on the Rock Band for the Wii.  First, let me say that I bought Guitar Hero 3 about 8 weeks ago.  I really liked it.  I had a blast with it.  I had no complaints.  I beat it last week and then sold it on Craigslist with the intention of getting Rock Band when it was released.

I say all that positive stuff about GH3 because I keep comparing the guitar play of Rock Band to GH3 and have to say that the GH3 absolutely blows away the Rock Band game.  Pretty much playing Rock Band is an endless cycle of “Loading…” messages.  It’s pretty annoying.  Let me also say that the gameplay with the guitar is *very* easy.  I blew through every song, on Easy, getting a 90% or better.

Now that I’ve got some of the negative stuff out of the way…  I have to admit to really liking the idea of the multi-player capabilities of the game.  Katie and I went to a friend’s house and had a really good time playing Rock Band with a couple families.  You don’t get that with GH3.  When I unpacked my Rock Band on Sunday it was fun to have Noah playing drums, me on guitar, and Noah and Katie taking turns on vocals.  I liked that a lot.

Recapping…  The wait between songs with the “Loading” screen gets really annoying, but the multi-player capabilities should make up for the wait and leave me real happy with the game.


I Just Beat Guitar Hero 3…

I feel like a Guitar Legend….  That was tough…

Here are some of my opinions on the music…

Favorite Song: My name is Jonas

Hardest Song: Raining Blood

Best Surprise: She Bangs the Drums

I gotta say I had a blast playing GH3, but after playing Rock Band at a friend’s house a couple weeks ago…  I’m selling my GH3 and buying Rock Band as soon as it comes out for the Wii.


I just bought a Nintendo Wii

Yup, I just bought a Nintendo Wii! I also bought the Wii Play (so I could get a 2nd controller, and for my first game purchase I bought Guitar Hero 3. Other then having to run TechFest on Saturday, this weekend will be consumed by the Wii. I think I’ll impose some rule where Daddy plays twice, then Noah, then Zach, then Mommy, then Daddy again twice. 🙂

Anybody want to recommend any games or accessories? I’m pretty certain my next purchase will be MarioKart, but after that I’m looking for suggestions.